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Childproofed & Porn-Free Internet

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Healthier Screen Time & Safer Internet for Your Child

Porn-free internet on your child's mobile, tablet and computer. Manage and restrict screen time, gaming and content easily via the parent app. Autumn offer! Now 7 days free trial! Thereafter 4.99€ per month.

Porn-free internet on your child's mobile, tablet and computer. Manage and restrict screen time, gaming and content easily via the parent app. Download Guardy on your phone to create an account and try for 7 days free of charge, then €4.99 per month.

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Works on iOS & Android, Windows & Mac


24 Months

Time spent on average by a child infront of a screen during their youth.


The percentage of our children letting us now parents have no clue.


Estimated pornsites. We will block them from your child.

How to get going

It's easy to get started with Guardy. Download the app to your child's phone from Google Play or the App Store, once installed, you can rest assured that your child is protected from online content that is dangerous or inappropriate.

Download Guardy app on your phone and set up as parent version to create an account. Install the child version on your child's mobile, tablet and computer and they will directly be protected from harmful or inappropriate content on the web.

Set rules & see activity:

Download Guardy on your own phone and set up as parent version to set screen time rules, control content and see activity.

Use your parent app to set screen time rules, manage content, find your child and see activity reports.

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Number one
Register for free
Number two
Protect your kids


Install Guardy on your child’s phone, tablet and computer. Now your child automatically will be protected from dangerous and inappropriate content.

Number three
Manage your account


Set rules, see activity and manage screen time through the parent version of the app.

Set the screen rules, manage content and see activity in the parent app.

We Work Hard to Deliver the Best Features on the Market


Childproofed and porn-free internet. Automatic blocking of pages with dangerous or inappropriate content.


Understand and manage your child’s screen time in a smarter way. Set time quotas per day, per week, or create individual screen schedules.


The child-proofing work on all search engines. No dangerous or inappropriate content is displayed regardless of keywords.


Stop worrying about expensive downloads or too much time spent gaming. See what apps your child is using and decide what is allowed and when.


See where your child is on a map via a GPS tracker. Set safe areas and be warned if they go outside.


Understand your child's screen habits. Be alerted immediately when something is not right.


With Guardy you always have full protection at no additional cost. One account is sufficient to protect all your children’s tablets, phones and computers.


Not techy? Don’t worry, we offer all new Guardy users personal assistance in getting started.


You don't commit to anything when you try Guardy. Cancel easily anytime.

Who are we?

Not only are we parents, we are parents that understands the impact internet have on us human beings for good and bad. We also think it is a no brainer that our kids should be able to access the internet without being exposed to porn. We are launching Guardy as a step towards ensuring our kids are safe and uninfluenced by adult content unwillingly when on the internet, accessing all the benefits Internet comes with.

Kevin Freij CEO and Jonas Borgh COO, founders of Guardy

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What Parents Say

No porn for kids is no brainer, hence the deicision to install Guardy on my children's phones and tables was just right.

Patrik, father to William 9 and Olivia 5 years

Today we have a more open dialogue about life on the internet and less confilicts as we decide the terms together.

Christina, mother to Elvira 12 and Filip 8 years

An easy way to manage screen time and make sure it's not too much gaming and YouTube going on.

Erik, father to Victor 10 years

It feels good and natural that Elsa nowadays can be online without any risk of being exposed to porn and other adult content.

Hannah, mother to Elsa 4 years

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